2P versions is the name used for a series of character designs drawn by Zanreo. The designs have different colors and often wear different clothes from their normal counterparts. The concept was loosely inspired by the "2P" concept from the Hetalia fandom.

Main 3 Edit

2P version of Main 3 Consolers

2P versions of the main 3.

These were the first designs to be posted.


Nintendo's 2P version is grinning, she has dark grey hair and red eyes, and wears glasses with yellow lenses. Her hat is grey, the D-pad in her hair is black and uses the old design with arrows, and she wears a light grey button-up shirt, a grey tie, red dress pants and black dress shoes.


2P Sony has a tired-looking expression. He has purple eyes, his glasses are oval, and his hair is shorter than regular Sony's. He wears a light teal sweater over a dark blue shirt, pink sweatpants and purple-pink socks.


2P Microsoft has a serious-looking expression, wears square glasses, his hair is a darker blond, and his eyes are a more tealish green color. He wears a black vest and dress pants, a green button-up shirt, a red tie and brown shoes.

Others Edit


2P Apple has a friendlier expression. He has rainbow-colored hair similar to Apple's old rainbow logo, wears a black turtleneck and aqua blue pants. His right eye is now purple and the right eye is orange.

Gallery Edit