Atari is a character from Consolers. She represents Atari.

Personality Edit

Atari has 2 "personalities" depending on the timeline. The "past" version is energetic and determined, and excited about games. She can also get greedy and arrogant and believe that having lots of games is all you need.

The "current" version can best be described as a shell of her former self, and is mostly quiet and shows little emotion. She rarely speaks and when she does it's in a quiet and slow voice. She thinks a lot about the past, and misses the "good old days", but is also happy her games made such an influence on the industry years ago.

Appearance Edit

Past Atari is tall, white, has long, red hair and dark grey eyes. She wears a short, sleeveless turtleneck dress with the Atari logo, black tights and white boots.

Current Atari wears the same outfit, but now has white, more stringy-looking hair, empty "dead" eyes and is very pale.

Quotes Edit

  • "don't make... the same mistake... I did... rushing games... was... a mistake..."

Trivia Edit

  • Considering "Atari" has been a brand name that's been switched around

and purchased by different owners and companies between the years, she might represent the Atari "brand" just as much as the original company, since she's still (barely) alive while the original company was split up and bankrupt many years ago.

  • Atari's early original concept design was male, though this design was scrapped quickly for a female design. This male Atari design was later partially re-used for Kee Games, Atari's "fake rival" who was intended to look similar to Atari.