Capcom is a character from Consolers.

Personality and Interests Edit

Capcom loves fighting and can be rather aggressive. She's competitive and loves a challenge.

Aside from fighting, she also has an interest in cooking, and runs the "Capcom Bar" which serves food and drinks related to her games series.

Appearance Edit

Capcom has short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She's short and muscular, and usually wears a light blue martial arts gi with a red belt and the right sleeve ripped off, a red headband with a Yashichi, blue gloves, blue tight shorts and blue shoes.

Relationships Edit


Main article: Namco

Namco and Capcom are good friends, and Namco once asked Capcom to train him at fighting. Since then, they've been fighting a lot for fun, and they get along pretty well otherwise.


Main article: Nintendo

Nintendo once visited the Capcom Bar. Otherwise they haven't interacted much.

Trivia Edit

  • Capcom's design is based partially off Ryu from Street Fighter, with a color scheme taken from Mega Man.