Consolers is a webcomic made by Zanreo, started in 2013. It started on Tumblr but is now hosted on Comicfury.

The comic is about personified game companies, and the stories are based on various pieces of game history, game news and fun facts. It focuses more on the game industry side and companies' actions than the video games themselves. The series is named after the term "Consoler" which is an in-comic term for companies who make game consoles.

Plot Edit

The series has no ongoing plot, and is rather a collection of one-page comics and short stories related to the game industry.

Characters Edit

Consolers has a large cast of characters, representing various companies. Most of them are game companies, though some companies that have a relation to the game industry or game companies in some way also have characters.

Aside from companies, characters like PC (representing PC gaming), ESRB (the rating system) and gaming sites like IGN have also shown up. Occasionally, real-life game industry people like Hideo Kojima will make an appearance.

Trivia Edit

  • The original concept of Consolers came from the "fandomstuck" meme on Tumblr, where people would make personified characters of various franchises and their fandoms. Zanreo made characters for "main 3" console creators Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft and a few other companies, and later put these into a comic. Otherwise, the series draws inspiration from Axis Powers: Hetalia, a series about personified countries.

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