Konami is a character from Consolers.

Personality and Interests Edit

Konami is shown to be greedy and have a short temper. She currently cares less about video games than she does about pachinko, but this wasn't always the case.

She likes gambling, especially pachinko, and is also a skilled musician.

Appearance Edit

Konami has short, dark blue, messy hair and dark brown eyes. She usually wears a red helmet with orange wings, the Konami logo (with orange and red stripes) on the front and a black visor, a blue jacket with the Konami Code written on the lapels, and a bodysuit underneath. She wears blue and pink boots with DDR-style arrows and is often seen with a vampire cape.

In her first appearance, she had yellow wings on her helmet.

Relationships Edit


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EA once started gloating to her that he was no longer the "most hated company". She got annoyed by this. Otherwise, they haven't interacted much.

Hideo Kojima

Used to be Konami's employee. After the "change", Konami has not been fond of him, feeling he gets in the way of her new direction. Shortly after this, she fired him, but later said he was just on a "vacation" and also prevented him from going to a game awards show.


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Sony has not been very fond of her after the "change". One time, she visited Hideo Kojima after he was working with Sony on the new project, and Sony grabbed her and threw her in the trash. Before this, though, they got along better, and she was one of the other companies shown with Sony after he released the Playstation console.

Trivia Edit

  • Her design is partially inspired by Konami's mascot Konami Man.

Quotes Edit

"HEY! Those pachinko machines aren't gonna build themselves!"

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