Microsoft is a character from Consolers. He represents Microsoft, particularily the gaming/Xbox division.

Personality Edit

Microsoft can be rather arrogant and is often energetic and tough. While he thinks highly of himself, he's also indecisive and has often gone back on past decisions.

Appearance Edit

Microsoft has short, spiked blond hair, green eyes and thick eyebrows. He usually wears a white suit with ripped-off sleeves, with the Xbox ABXY buttons on the left lapel and the Xbox logo on the right side of his chest, a black button-up shirt and green tie, and black shoes.

Relationships Edit


Main article: Sony

Sony is one of Microsoft's competitors and rivals. They argue and fight a lot.


Main article: Nintendo

Nintendo is one of Microsoft's competitors and rivals.


Main article: EA

EA and Microsoft seem to get along pretty well. In "Elevator Fun Times", he was fist-bumping Microsoft after hearing about his story.


Main article: Rare

After Rare decided to leave Nintendo, Microsoft made him join him as his subsidiary by giving him lots of money. But shortly after, he got disappointed in Rare after his games didn't make him enough money but later was happy about Kinect Sports selling well. Currently, Rare does not seem to like him very much.


Main article: Apple

Microsoft considers Apple his "biggest enemy" and fights a lot with him.

Quotes Edit

"It's called the Xbox one...(because I'm number one!)"