Namco is a character from Consolers.

Personality and Interests Edit

Namco is laidback and often seems to have his head in the clouds. He's often considered slightly "strange" by the others.

He also enjoys theme parks and runs a few himself.

Appearance Edit

Namco has long, orange hair with spikes at the top, dark teal eyes and thick eyebrows. He usually wears a long red coat with an "N" logo in the Namco font, red ear covers, a black belt with a Pac-Man belt buckle, black pants and black boots. He initially wore a blue visor, but this detail is usually left out in newer appearances.

Relationships Edit


Main article: Capcom

Namco and Capcom are good friends, and Namco once asked Capcom to train him at fighting. Since then, they've been fighting a lot for fun, and they seem to get along pretty well otherwise


Main article: Atari

Namco first met Atari shortly after she set up business in Japan and offered to help distributing her games. Since then, the two have been great friends, and Namco considered her his "best friend". Though years after the Crash they don't seem to hang out much anymore.