Sony is a character from Consolers. He represents Sony Corporation, in particular the Sony Interactive Entertaiment gaming/Playstation division.

Personality and Interests Edit

Sony can be somewhat smug at times, and tries acting cool and serious, but gets easily flustered if faults are pointed out. He's known to take on too much work at a time and get confused, or not finish all his work. He also doesn't know when to let an idea go, leading to lots of bad ideas and unsuccessful products in the past.

Aside from games, he also likes movies, music and photography.

Appearance Edit

Sony has dark brown chin-length hair flipped out at the sides and with a hair spike sticking out at the left side. His eyes are grey. He usually wears a black polo shirt with the Playstation buttons on the left pocket and a gold rectangle (similar to the Sony Interactive Entertainment logo) with the Playstation logo, grey pants and blue shoes. He uses rectangular glasses with black frames.

In his early appearances, his shirt was grey and had the letter "P" in the front.

Relationships Edit


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Nintendo is one of Sony's rivals and competitors. In the "The Contract" story it's shown how Sony used to help her with console parts, and they worked together on a console. However, Nintendo later reads the full details of the contract and finds out he intends to get most of the profits and publishing rights, so she decides to cancel the contract. Later, Sony makes his own console, making them competitors. They argue now and then, but was once seen watching TV together to laugh at Microsoft's presentation.


Main page: Microsoft

Microsoft is one of Sony's competitors. They argue and fight a lot, and seem to consider each other enemies.

Square Enix

Main page: Square Enix

Square Enix and Sony get along pretty well and are good friends. In one strip, Square Enix was upset over Sony selling his shares.


Sony refers to Phillips as his rival in (the old) "The Contract" story. Otherwise, not much is known about this character.

Quotes Edit

"So after showing you all our console's features that just *heh* happen to not be on that other console being shown, here's how to *heh* share your games..."

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