Square Enix is a character from Consolers. He is a merge of Square and Enix.

Personality and Interests Edit

Square Enix sometimes seems to be serious, but can also be rather dramatic and over-the-top.

He likes belts and zippers and owns a giant Swiss Army Knife-sword. Once tried making movies, but it didn't work out too well.

Appearance Edit

Square Enix has teal eyes and light grey/white hair which is spiked up at the top and has a long spike sticking out on the left side and a V-shaped spike sticking out on the right. He wears a belt with a zipper around his head, and usually wears a gold headband with a blue gem, a red shirt with one strap and a brown belt diagonally across his upper body; a short black and red short-sleeved jacket with zippers around the neck, on the sleeves and 2 on the back and one giant zipper in the front; a green belt with a small pouch around his waist, brown shorts with a zipper and 2 black belts on the right leg and 1 belt on the left and a belt with a Dragon Quest-Slime on it, green pants underneath, and black boots with one belt and a zipper on each.

In an early appearance and concept, he had teal hair and purple eyes. His jacket was grey and didn't have as many zippers, he wore a longer shirt, and his boots were brown.