Tecmo is a character from Consolers. He would later merge with Koei into Koei Tecmo.

Personality and Interests Edit

Tecmo is arrogant and has a strong sense of honor. He has a hard time accepting critizism, especially about his games, considering this an insult towards his honor as a developer. He might swear revenge and hold a grudge for years for as little as "your game is just ok".

He likes beach volleyball.


Tecmo wears a red and black ninja outfit, with a red hood, black sleeveless shirt, black fingerless gloves, red baggy pants and black shoes. He wears a ninja headband with the "Team Ninja" logo.

Relationships Edit




Tecmo strongly dislikes Namco and has had a grudge against him ever since he mentioned his "Dead or Alive" game series was "just ok".


  • Tecmo's "inability to take critizism" was inspired by a quote from Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki, where he mentioned in an interview, when asked about his dislike for Tekken, that "Namco aired a commercial insulting the series" and he "would never forgive them for that".

Quotes Edit

"Namco... I will NEVER forgive you for this unforgivable insult."